Tampogo Tango Pre launch
Be First this Time $$$$$
2x2 Follow-Me Matrix
It Just Takes Two to Tango
Listen to the July 8, 2010 TamPogo Corporate Call.
First 28 minutes: CEO Chuck Stebbins and Legal Counsel Kendall Almerico. Author Steve McCardell sums it up.
Chuck Stebbins, CEO of TamPogo dropped a BOMB!!
  • NO BREAKAGE - If someone is NOT qualified to receive commissions they will ESCROW until qualification is met and then release funds,  The only qualification is to sponsor TWO.
  • 5% of TANGO SALES in the month of July will be placed in a pool and shared with those individuals that sponsor SIX people.  They then will be recognized as a TANGO MASTER!!
TAMPOGO TANGO 2x2 Be First This Time

If you like a plan that PAYS QUICK and NO DOWNSIDE RISK you are going to love TAMPOGO TANGO.
This innovative compensation model known as the 2x2 follow-me matrix is one of the BEST mathematical models available to IMMEDIATELY reward a person's networking efforts.  It is the simplest, most duplicatable and one of the most profitable compensation models in the industry.
When backed by real products that can inspire an entire marketplace and when backed with a powerful residual income unilevel compensation plan such as TamPogo, well, its history in the making!
Here's how it works. YOU make a ONE-TIME OUT OF POCKET purchase of one of the dozens of TamPogo Tango Product Packages for $299 and receive a position in your own Tango Bonus Cube.  When all 6 positions in your Bonus Cube are filled you will receive a commission of $899.  $600 will be paid in CASH and you will receive another $299 Tango Product Package of your choice.

YOU introduce TWO friends who are placed in Positions 1 & 2. Your two friends then introduce TWO friends each.  Those FOUR people are placed in positions 3, 4, 5 and 6.
When your Tango Bonus Cube is filled, YOU earn $899!
Here's where the EXCITEMENT begins - $600 is paid in CASH and you earn another Tamogo TANGO PRODUCT PACKAGE of your choice worth $350-$400 at no charge, except shipping. How amazing is that?!
You are then placed at the TOP of your second Tango Bonus Cube and the process starts all over again.
Every time you completely fill your 6 positions and earn $899 you will automatically get assigned a brand new Tampogo Tango Bonus Cube.

How Do I Get Involved?

Click Here to Join Tampogo  (Use I.D. NP30454).  Join as an iRep, where you are asked to make a minimum of one Fast Track purchase a month to stay active and share in the profits. Fast Track products start at under $20.

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